What’s The Fuss About Gut Health? Having good gut health is gaining more media attention as its importance rises. So the question is, why is our intestinal health so compromised in the first place? After a bit of searching I came across an article about the abusive use of antibiotics in our meats. In fact, […]

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Our Processed Food Culture It’s no secret that our western diet is full of processed foods that are devoid of any meaningful nutrients. Whilst we eat an enormous amount (normally because our body keeps craving nutrients), we are in fact suffering from malnutrition. Who would have thought with an increasing number of obese and over […]

Oolong tea for Kombucha

Why Oolong Tea? The tea that you select to make your own Kombucha tea is really a personal preference. Some people like a lighter taste and some will like it stronger, more robust. Some may like a fruitier variety and some will like certain fragrances. Now it is not really advisable to choose very fragrant […]

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The Essential Kombucha Starter Kit Although making kombucha tea is relatively straight forward, you still need to have all the relevant pieces in place. That is why having a kombucha starter kit is such a time saver, especially if you are a beginner. If you bake a cake, you will want all your ingredients handy […]

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Can drinking too much of a good thing (like Kombucha tea) be actually bad for you? I think too much of anything after a while can be an overload to the system. Even drinking too much water could have an adverse effect on your health as you will be flushing too many minerals¬† out of […]

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Using Kombucha To Improve Your Skin’s Appearance We are all aware of the benefits of Kombucha for our body internally, but what about using it externally, on our skin to improve texture and vitality? Kombucha is great for getting rid of toxins and drinking it on a regular basis will mean going to the bathroom […]

flavoring kombucha - how to favor your kombucha

How To Make Flavored Kombucha Tea There comes a time when you will want to get a bit more adventurous with your kombucha tea. It’s great for you and has a ton of cool health benefits, but day in and day out the same tasting beverage? It’s a bit like doing the same exercise day […]