Making Kombucha Tea

Making Kombucha TeaMaking The Perfect Kombucha Tea Is Easy!

Making Kombucha tea need not require a Phd but it does require doing a bit of homework and making sure that what you are getting is the real living thing.

I mean you won’t buy a car without doing some research first, right?

If you are a novice, or you would like to start a fresh due to unsuccessful previous attempts, I suggest that you use a stater kit. So here is what you need to look for in your Kombucha starter kit :

What To Look For In A Kombucha Tea Starter Kit :

The strains that are included in Kombucha Starter Kits are much improved variation of the known strains. The strains have been hybridized and modified so that they produce at least some of the following effects.

  • The mushroom produced should be blemish free, wide and thick
  • The flavor that would be produced should be acidic
  • The incubation or fermentation times is reduced
  • No contamination occurs as the strains are resistant to molds
  • It should be convenient to use

So starter kits will be quite basic and just have the strains of bacteria and yeast and others will be more elaborate with utensils, jars and whatever else you will need to make Kombucha tea.

The choice is yours. if you are serious about your well being and would like to improve your health, then do not hazard the unknown – get yourself a decent starter kit and start making Kombucha tea you will be proud of.



  1. Thanks for your post on making Kombucha tea. I just wrote a post on the benefits of it and was searching for a recipe- funny how things work out.

    1. Hope it turns out the way you want it. šŸ™‚

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