Ingredients For The Perfect Kombucha Cuppa

Perfect Kombucha Ingredients

It’s so easy to get the basics wrong and it is because it is basic.

Water, tea, sugar and a Kombucha mushroom – what can go wrong?

Well, it depends whether you want to make the greatest Kombucha cuppa ever, or you just want to make an ordinary, run of the mill Kombucha drink that does not reach its full potential (and therefore, you do not get the maximum benefit).


Here is what will make that Kombucha tea perfect (or as close as possible):

1) A healthy living thriving Kombucha scoby. yes, if it is dead or dying, you tea will be just a liquid drink with no or very little benefit. Make sure that mushroom is looking  perky and rearing to go and you will have a drink that will make you rearing to go.

2) Spring water. Goodness, if the water is not pure and untainted, then your tea is not going to get that fresh unadulterated taste. Our bodies require a good amount of liquid a day to keep it going, heck, most of our body is made up of liquid, isn’t it about time you invested in some good quality water?

3) Organic sugar. None of that chemical bleached white stuff, a good quality organic sugar or cane sugar is a must.

4) High quality tea. Yes, this part is important because it will totally affect the taste of your tea. It is also personal so if you are particularly fond of a certain tea, make sure you get the best quality.

Utensils you will need :

Stainless steel pot, storage jar (glass, stainless steel or oak), breathable cover (like a muslin cloth), rubber band and a sieve (optional).

Add patience, tender loving care and a lot of affection and you will have the perfect Kombucha cuppa!



  1. Maybe my taste buds are not too refined. I find that kombucha is a good way to use up older tea. And, I love to put whole fruit pieces in it when I bottle.
    (I like your graphic)

    1. Why not? Sounds delicious to me (bet it looks great too). Older tea is good as long as it has been kept in a cool dry place.

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