3 Things To Look Out For When Making Kombucha Tea

Making Kombucha tea is easy, right?

Umm…. No.kombucha tea storage

If you saw my last post, there are a few things you need to follow and do properly to make kombucha tea you will be proud of.

Here are three big mistakes people make when they are new to making kombucha. There are I am sure a few more mistakes to be added but lets stick with these three major ones for now.

Mistake 1 : When making the tea

  • Do not use a metal or aluminum pot,
  • Make sure you add the adequate amount of sugar
  • Don’t use fancy flavored teas

Mistake 2 : When adding the scoby or culture

  • Make sure the tea has cooled down
  • Do not leave tea standing overnight
  • You must add 10% of previously brewed kombucha tea to the new brew
  • Make sure tea and scoby is covered with a bleach free breathable cloth
  • Do not disturb for at least 5-7 days.

Mistake 3 : Thinking the kombucha is moldy

  • Don’t confuse tannin with mold
  • Real mold looks furry, green/gray and resembles mold you find on bread. fruit etc…
  • Not making sure utensils are clean and sterile (which then could lead to mold)

Good quality ingredients, good hygiene and following step by step the first few times will have you doing it blind folded soon!


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