Possible Negative Side Effects with Your Kombucha Drink

Can Drinking Kombucha Be Bad For You?

If you are not used to drinking kombucha or this is your first few times, then there are a few side effects you may kombucha tea side effectsexperience.

Don’t worry, it is just your body adjusting to something new; and seeing that kombucha has detoxifying benefits, it is normally a case of feeling a bit worse before feeling a bit better.

The trick is to always introduce something new in your diet slowly. A bit like testing a cream on a bit of your skin before applying it all over your body to see if you have any allergic reactions.

It’s the same with this new fermented tea. Kombucha contains a lot of beneficial acids and your body may get a bit of a shock at all the healthy bacterias and acids circulating inside you.

Here are some of the symptoms you may experience:

1) Sweating, runny nose, breaking out and diarrhea

You body is just getting rid of the bad stuff inside your body. It is a detox reaction where your body is dumping all the toxins out of the body through your skin, sweat glands and digestive system.

Just view it as a body spring clean but if symptoms persists after a few days, you may need to scale back on the consumption or perhaps even stop completely. (A small percentage of people may find kombucha beverages too much for them and get an allergic reaction).

2) Headaches, nausea, fatigue

These are also the symptoms of people who try to wean themselves off caffeine. It’s almost as if it is too much for your body and it reacts with headaches and a feeling of wanting to throw up (getting rid of toxins again).

The tiredness will just be because your body is working overtime to get better, eliminating all the bad toxins and recuperating from the ridding process.

A spanking new you

Through experience, I can say that by day 4-5, these symptoms will go and you will feel totally renewed. You will have more energy, your skin will look better and your digestive system will be better.


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