Add Flavor To Your Kombucha Tea

How To Make Flavored Kombucha Tea

flavoring kombucha - how to favor your kombucha

There comes a time when you will want to get a bit more adventurous with your kombucha tea.

It’s great for you and has a ton of cool health benefits, but day in and day out the same tasting beverage? It’s a bit like doing the same exercise day in and day out – at some point you will want to do something different, in a different place, wearing something totally outrageous 🙂

I digress….

You can flavor your kombucha tea at three different stages of making and drinking the tea. Here are a few ideas that you may want to explore:

1) Flavor Your Kombucha with the selection of your tea.

We have talked about this before and the selection of the tea you use is very personal to you. You can really experiment till the cows come home (and here is a great 300 different samples taster selection – btw, I get nothing for recommending it, I just like it), so be bold and try different blends or try blending different teas yourself.

If you know your herbs, you could also add some herbs to your brew at this stage. If you are really good at your herbs and know a little about traditional Chinese medicine, you could really make this into a fantastic health drink catering to different ailments.

One note : be careful of highly fragrant or flavored teas such as Earl Grey (which has Bergamot oil) as it could affect your brew but flavors like black and green tea is good.

2) Get flavoring Kombucha ideas whilst bottling your tea

This is when you remove the culture and put your kombucha tea in different jars and bottles for consumption. You can add your favorite fruit juice or a mixture of juices to add a bit of fruitiness, or very thinly sliced ginger root to add some zing or even bits of fresh fruit like apple and oranges and dried fruits such as  raisins and cranberries.

The great thing is that should anything go wrong, or you do not like the outcome, it is only a bottle or jar that you can throw away or give it to someone else. You will still have other bottles to experiment with and you know what they say – it can only get better!

3) Adding flavor when the tea has been poured out

You can add soda water, a dash of tequila, rum, gin or vodka to make your own long Island Kombucha Tea. You can also add loads of fruit to make a Kombucha fruit punch or mint leaves, apple bits and cucumber slices for a refreshing Pimm’s like drink.

You could also add honey and lemon slices to flavor your Kombucha and sit on your veranda all day. I did say there were  loads of health benefits!

Do you have a favorite way of flavoring your Kombucha tea you want to share?





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