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kombucha starter kit

Why A Kombucha Starter Kit Is Great For Beginners

The Essential Kombucha Starter Kit Although making kombucha tea is relatively straight forward, you still need to have all the relevant pieces in place. That is why having a kombucha starter kit is such a time saver, especially if you are a beginner. If you bake a cake, you will want all your ingredients handy […]

drink kombucha

How Often Can You Drink Kombucha?

Can drinking too much of a good thing (like Kombucha tea) be actually bad for you? I think too much of anything after a while can be an overload to the system. Even drinking too much water could have an adverse effect on your health as you will be flushing too many minerals¬† out of […]

kombucha skin benefits

Kombucha Tea For Great Looking Skin

Using Kombucha To Improve Your Skin’s Appearance We are all aware of the benefits of Kombucha for our body internally, but what about using it externally, on our skin to improve texture and vitality? Kombucha is great for getting rid of toxins and drinking it on a regular basis will mean going to the bathroom […]