Kombucha Tea For Great Looking Skin

Using Kombucha To Improve Your Skin’s Appearance

kombucha skin benefitsWe are all aware of the benefits of Kombucha for our body internally, but what about using it externally, on our skin to improve texture and vitality?

Kombucha is great for getting rid of toxins and drinking it on a regular basis will mean going to the bathroom regularly to keep your intestines clean and functioning properly.

This in turn will make your skin look better – no longer are toxins trying to escape your body via your pores because your intestines are clogged up and you will see an improvement in your skin in no time.

But there are other ways you could use kombucha for your skin.

Watch this video about using kombucha externally for better skin

Sun Damaged Skin

The sun is fantastic for vitamin D production but too much and too strong sunlight could age your skin prematurely. If you are fair or just plain lazy when it comes to your sun screen, splashing your skin with kombucha as a final rinse, spraying your skin with kombucha, or soaking organic cotton pads with kombucha and placing the soaked pads over sun burnt skin is a great way to restore your skin’s balance.

kombucha helps acne skinAcne Skin

If you suffer from mild acne or have dark acne scars, kombucha could help to get rid of your acne and lessen the darkness from your skin.

Here is the thing though, you have to also exercise other healthy hygienic habits such as cleaning your face properly, not pick your spots, eat organic fresh foods and get plenty of sleep.

Kombucha will over time help improve the blemishes, just don’t expect overnight miracles and be aware also that your skin may get a little worse before it gets better as it detoxifies.

Aging Skin

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink with good living living bacteria in it and it will work its magic on aging skin too. Now this is not a bold miracle claim, just that if you use it as an astringent or toner for example, it will help get rid of dead skin naturally and give your skin a smooth radiant look.

Fine lines will also lessen but lets be honest, you won’t look 18 unless you are 18 so have realistic expectations and enjoy the new found glow.

Find out other uses for kombucha tea here.

Use Your Own Kombucha Tea

It is best to use kombucha tea that you have fermented and brewed yourself. Store bought drinks are not recommended as you really don’t know what went into the brewing process with big companies having only the bottom line in mind.

Don’t forget to drink your fermented tea too. Using it both internally and externally will give you the best results.


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