How Often Can You Drink Kombucha?

Can drinking too much of a good thing (like Kombucha tea) be actually bad for you?

I think too much of anything after a while can be an overload to the system. Even drinking too much water could have an adverse effect on your health as you will be flushing too many minerals  out of your body.

If you are new to  drinking kombucha tea then drinking too much could have a shock effect on your system. The body needs to adjust, like a caffeine addict trying to detox, because you are so used to one thing (a clogged up system or bad digestion for example), and suddenly, this beverage comes along and creates changes that you are not used to.

So our advise is to start slow, watch your body’s reaction, and then when you are more accustomed to the cleansing and health benefits of this healthy mushroom tea; increase your intake gradually.

Can You Drink Too Much Kombucha Tea?

Aim for 16 ounces a day but separate drinking amount to 4 ounces 2 times a day to begin with, then 3 then 4 times a day. When you are totally at ease with your mushroom drink, you can drink more and see where your threshold is.

Some symptoms you may experience are : fatigue, going to the bathroom more often, skin getting worse before clearing up, irritability and sweating. However, this is all temporary (and if it isn’t, consult your doctor), so that your body can adjust to this healthier lifestyle.

Kombucha Tea – How Much Is Too Much?

Would love to hear your experience when you first started drinking kombucha. Leave us a comment as it will be useful to other new kombucha drinkers – Thanks!


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