Why A Kombucha Starter Kit Is Great For Beginners

The Essential Kombucha Starter Kit

Although making kombucha tea is relatively straight forward, you still need to have all the relevant pieces in place. That is why having a kombucha starter kit is such a time saver, especially if you are a beginner.

If you bake a cake, you will want all your ingredients handy and the same applies to making your kombucha tea. Having a starter kit just takes the headache out of trying to find all the right pieces and tying them in together so to speak.

kombucha starter kit

(Clicking on the picture will take you to Dave’s starter kit, but again this is not an affiliate link) and I would love to hear your experience with your kombucha starter kit.

I have certainly gained from having a starter kit to begin with. It just made it so much simpler. I have tried a few just to see what I get and I have to say the most comprehensive one was from Dave at Get Kombucha. Not only that, he is really hands on with customer inquiries and great with teaching kombucha tea making so that was very useful. (I made quite a few boo boos to begin with).

They are also great gifts and many friends living far away have benefited from one of these kits. Those who live near will just have me go around and bore them with kombucha tea making advice! 🙂 Meanwhile, here is a great kombucha recipe to start off with, and a quick start video for your kombucha starter kit.


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