Making Kombucha Tea with Oolong Tea

Why Oolong Tea?

The tea that you select to make your own Kombucha tea is really a personal preference. Some people like a lighter taste and some will like it stronger, more robust. Some may like a fruitier variety and some will like certain fragrances.

Now it is not really advisable to choose very fragrant or very fruity teas as the oil ( and a lot of teas have oils added to enhance fragrance such as Earl Grey tea which has Bergamot) will affect the scoby. So it is advisable to choose a good ‘straight forward’ tea that is of good quality to make your kombucha.

Nothing stops you though from adding any juices or fragrances after the kombucha tea has been made.

Oolong tea for Kombucha

Which brings me to the Chinese Oolong tea. This tea is a staple in many house holds, restaurants and tea houses in China and is a tea that has been around for centuries. Quality varies like so many other teas, and the taste varies according to the cultivation methods, but a well semi-fermented Oolong will have a strong robust taste.

Oolong literally means ‘black dragon’ and has many varieties coming from a wide range of provinces in China. It ranges widely in the oxidization process and rests in the middle ground between un-fermented green tea and fully oxidized black tea. According to Wikipedia,  Oolong tea is

produced through a unique process including withering under the strong sun and oxidation before curling and twisting.[1] Most oolong teas, especially those of fine quality, involve unique tea plant cultivars that are exclusively used for particular varieties.[2]

Oolong tea has been linked with weight loss but the verdict is still out. It does contain caffeine so this may have an effect in increasing alertness and metabolism but evidence is inconclusive according to Web MD.

Other benefits of drinking Oolong tea includes lessening the chances of heart disease, lowering cholesterol, regulating the effects of sugar we consume, has anti-oxidants to combat aging and is a stress reliever. Quite a feat for a humble tea leaf but it needs to be drunk regularly (about three cups a day) to see benefits.

Health Benefits of Tea according to Dr. Oz

Now when you make kombucha tea, this is a great tea to use. There are, as mentioned before, many varieties with many different tastes so take time to experiment and choose ones that you enjoy. Not only will you reap the positive benefits of a good cuppa kombucha tea, you would have used a tea that also has health enhancing properties to give your body a double boost in good health.



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